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Local to the Midwest

Welcome to Bela Tu, a small establishment born from Stephanie Rabe's passion for creativity. Stephanie, a nurse and caregiver, channels her artistic urges into crafting beauty products, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and curating clothing inventory.

Stephanie's nursing background instills in her a desire to bring comfort and joy to others. Her handcrafted beauty products are meticulously formulated to enhance your natural radiance and promote self-care. From lip balms to bath bombs, each item is made with love.

Embracing sustainability, Stephanie offers eco-friendly cleaning supplies. These products are made with natural ingredients and packaged with the environment in mind, providing effective cleaning solutions for a healthier home.

Stephanie's keen eye for style is reflected in her curated clothing inventory. She personally selects each fashion piece, ensuring a diverse range of elegant dresses and casual wear that exude confidence and comfort.

Bela Tu is a haven where creativity meets compassion. Indulge in Stephanie's handcrafted beauty products, discover eco-conscious cleaning alternatives, and explore fashion that resonates with your personal style. Stephanie pours her heart into every aspect of the boutique, inviting you to experience a world of beauty, sustainability, and style.

Clothing Store
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